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About me
  • Who I am
    • Peter Deurloo, born on the 3rd of September 1982, playing games ever since I could hold a joypad in my hands. I am up for any kind of videogame, as long as it is innovative or has a great story behind it. My favourite videogame genre would definitely be survival horror.
  • What I do
    • Gamedevelopment since 2006. Scripting, level design and game design are my main activities. Right now I am creating a survival horror game for my own satisfaction and looking forward to any career opportunities that come along the way.

The projects section will provide a showcase of what I have been doing in the past. Right now, not all of the projects and results are listed here. I will try to make it as complete as possible very soon.

Fairytale Fights

  • Engine
    • UnrealEngine3
  • Platforms
    • Xbox 360, Playstation 3
  • Developer
    • Playlogic Gamefactory
  • What I did
    • Hazards, level design, boss battles

When I first started at Playlogic Gamefactory, I was responsible for just about all the different hazards within the game. From angle grinders to bouncing beds, I provided all kinds of hazards that the level designers could use to hinder and kill the player.

Soon after I was given the task to create a boss battle and after succesfully implementing it I got the task to create all the Kismet-driven boss battles, which included:

  • both Beaver Boss battles,
  • the Pied Piper,
  • Candy Witch,
  • both Kid Giant battles,
  • the logic of the Mother Giant in the final level,
  • Father Giant,
  • and last but not least: the Little Tailor.

Below I will add some compilations of the boss battles, but for now I only have the Little Tailor to show you.

Boss battle - The little tailor

The Little Tailor was quite a challenge to create. We figured it would be nice for the Little Tailor to have the ability to kill the player in every possible way provided in the game.

From slicing to crushing and melting with acid, I wanted everything in there. Having no AI system at my disposal to use as a base for the boss fight, the entire boss behaviour and logic has been created within Kismet.

Even though this was not my primary choice of implementing the final boss fight, it still worked out pretty great.

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